About Us

We are a group of Genshin Impact (GI) enthusiasts who love the game as much as you do! Ever since the launch of GI in September, we discovered that there are many travelers out there who are keen to get their hands on the official merchandise but could not find a way around it. Thus, we created genshin.shop to help you get your favourite merchandise, fuss-free.

If you would like to check out our reviews or get notified when we update the website with new and exisiting products, head over to our Instagram page @genshin.shop.

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How do we price the items?

Our main aim is to help travelers who want a simple way to get GI merchandise from the Official Flagship store in China. These include those who have trouble navigating TMall which is in Chinese, and those who are based in countries far from China (eg. EU & US) where the products are from. Hence, our pricing and shipping model is more catered towards such countries, whereby shipments to those areas are generally more expensive as compared to shipments to Southeast Asia (SEA) which are of much closer proximity to China. As such, the product pricing might be deemed as more expensive for people living in SEA.

We try our best to set a fair price for all of the products. Some products are priced higher due to larger estimated size and weight which incur higher costs. 

What are the costs we incur? (which are considered when pricing the items)
1. Local shipping fee 
2. Handling fee 
3. International shipment fee
4. Fx Fees (From USD to Yuan & Vice Versa)
5. Marketing and operations 

Our intention is to standardize the pricing for everyone, making the cost more transparent and direct (what you see is what you will be paying), as compared to a dynamic shipping fee model that increases according to weight, volume, and country (distance-based) which can be shocking upon checkout with seemingly low-priced items.

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P.s: If you are from SEA (South East Asia) or do not mind navigating around Tmall in Chinese, we would strongly encourage you to buy from the flagship store directly.


Note: We are not affiliated or related to Mihoyo or Genshin Impact. We serve as a middleman to make the purchase of merchandise easier.


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Email: Info@genshin.shop
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