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Hilichurls wei and where to find them?[Mega Compilation]

For those who doesn't know yet, Hilichurls wei is a special type of Hilichurl which drops primo gems or cabbages (?) upon defeating it. Location of the Hilichurls can be random. BUT, at Genshin.Shop, we source from many sources to provide you with the BEST! Do drop us a dm via Instagram or Facebook if you have found Hilichurl Wei in locations that are not already mentioned.  **NOTE: The Hilichurl Wei appears in areas AROUND the circle, do spend some time to look around. Locations can vary from players to players**   Chinese SourceSource: 1. Cape Oath 2. Stormbearer Mountains 3. Windrise 4. Around the outskirts of dominator wolves. Mainly on the left side of the map 5. Storm Terror Lair, besides...

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